The '23' Series (LIMITED EDITION)

During my teen years I was a big fan of Air Jordan shoes (among other brands). Of all the Jordan styles that have come along, the Jordan IIIs are my all time favorites. The Air Jordan III, which debuted in 1988, was best known as the Jordans that Spike Lee wore in the early classic Mars Blackmon commercials:

Admittedly i'm not as big a "Jordan Head" now as I used to be, but I still have an undying love for the Jordan IIIs, which like many of the other Jordan models, have been "retroed" many times over the years.

Fast forward to today: The Nike Air Max 90 has become another favorite shoe of mine. A shoe that I have used as a canvas for custom designs many times over:

Much like the Nike Air Force One, it's a classic timeless shoe that I love for it's style and comfort. So I got the idea to combine my love for the two shoes by designing 3 pairs of Air Max 90s with styles and colorways of some of my favorite Jordan III variations.

1.Air Max 90 "Flip"

The first of these 3 styles is the "Flip" Air Max 90s. This particular design is based of the rare "Flip" Jordan 3s pictured here:

I felt like this style would look great on some Air Max 90s so after a little brainstorming I got to work and came up with these:

My favorite thing about these shoes is how well the smoke gray and black mesh together..almost simple but effective. These custom Air Max 90s come with an original Ecentrik "23 Collection" T-shirt, which is black and features a smoke gray Ecentrik logo with elephant print:

(Order the "Flip" Air Max 90s & T-Shirt here)
This shoe drops on 1/17/2012

2.Air Max 90 "Do The Right Thing"

The "Do The Right Thing" Jordan IIIs are a model that I rarely hear about these days, but I have always been a fan of this colorway:

There's just something about the blues and yellows together that does it for me! Being as though this seems to be a favorite of mine and also very underrated (at least in my opinion), I figured I would take a crack at this one:

(Note: I had a few picture editing issues with these as the blue in the shoes looks lighter than the originals although in person the Air Max version's blue is much closer to that of the original.)

I was a little iffy over whether of not I would be able to pull these off but overall I was pleased with the outcome. The blue and yellow shades are perfect together and sure to grab attention. Included with these shoes are the limited edition "MVP Status" t-shirt:

The shirt reads "MVP STATUS" "2 3PEATS, 6 RINGS" which obviously is in reference to the MVP awards Jordan has won throughout his career along with the 2 NBA Finals three-peats which lead to his six NBA Championships.

(Order the "Do The Right Thing" Air Max 90s & T-Shirt here)
This shoe drops on 1/24/12

for the third pair, I had narrowed it down to about 2 or 3 pairs but couldn't decide which one to go with (the plan was for 3 pairs total). But then I had a thought about something I did before. A design I previously released that was Jordan related and went over pretty well and I thought "why not bring them back?" Soooo......

3."Stealth" Air Max 90

When I released these shoes the first time around, they got a good response..even receiving orders from as far as Australia! I had fun creating these and thought it would only make sense to include them in the series. The only difference: This time around they will include a different t-shirt...The Ecentrik "Stealth" t-shirt:

(Order the "Stealth" Air Max 90s & T-shirt here)
This shoe drops on 1/31/12

IMPORTANT NOTE: These 3 shoes are all limited edition.....ONLY 20 PAIRS OF EACH TO BE MADE & IT'S FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!


1/17/12 - Retro "Flip" Air Max 90s
1/24/12- "Do The Right Thing" Air Max 90s
1/31/12 - "Stealth" Air Max 90s
See the links below each to go directly to each shoe or click here to go to the online store:


  1. I am not into Jordans that much, but I do have to say I love the Jordan fives. or is it V ? I dunno, but I love how you mix all styles to make your own. Is the mark of a true artist!

  2. "Five" or "V" you're right either way (lol)! I admit i'm not into Jordans as much as I used to be either (haven't bought a pair since 2002), but I get a lot of feedback from people who are still big into them, so I mostly did this series for the Jordan fans. I figured it would be a nice nod to them & a cool way to bring in new supporters :)


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