Air Max "9095"

This latest custom from Ecentrik Artistry is titled "9095". Why 9095? Well, simply because it's a combination of the Nike Air Max 90s and the classic Nike Air Max 95 Neons. The Air Max 95s, which are still very popular today, came in different colorways but the neon & gray colorway has always been the most well known.

I have always been a fan of this shoe but never purchased them for the simple fact that i'm not big on suede sneakers (I like being able to wear my shoes in different weather elements and suede + water is a no-no), so I thought the idea of having a leather version of this colorway would be cool..what's even cooler is having it done on another air max version.

More pics of the shoes:

This shoe is available for ordering and can be purchased at the link here