"The Samurai" Custom 7" Munny (& Some Conception Tribeca II Stuff!)

It's been a little while since I did any custom toys, but there was a toy idea I have been wanting to do for a while and finally got around to doing. This figure is called simply "The Samurai".

I've always been into martial arts films & anime and always had an interest in stuff like samurais as well and thought a custom version would look pretty cool. One day I was out on a walk & happened to pass a store that carried unique souvenirs & decorations..one of which was a miniature sword! I picked it up for around 6 bucks since I thought it would go perfect with what I had planned and it ended up going perfect with the finished figure:

The blade the figure's holding is 100% real and even came with it's own holster! I love it because it brings a level of authenticity to the creation. And ironically, when I purchased the figure to work on, it came with a ninja throwing star as well (anyone who's every purchased a kidrobot munny knows that each one comes with random accessories)! So I painted the star a silver color to resemble an actual one used by ninjas. Also, I originally planned to use a 4 inch figure for the design but ended up going with the 7 inch since the sword was a better fit...it all turned out perfect!

I brought the samrai figure to the Conception Tribeca II show and needless to say the little guy was a hit:

(Me with Jenny Guns, one of the organizers of the event)

(Me & Mike Wolf, artist & event co-organizer..btw the green custom heels sold at the show!)

(Artist group shot!)

The event was incredible..great friends, music, and tons of talent all in one building! I would like to thank Mike Wolf, Rachel Wilkins, & Jenny Guns for the opportunity to be a part of it & for putting on a fantastic event that gave a lot of talented artists a platform to display their work and get tons of recognition. I definitely had a great time and hope to do it again soon.

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