"Jinx" Custom womens Adidas & custom vinyl toy

Introducing the "Jinx" custom womens shell toe Adidas!

Originally this shoe was supposed to be part of a 3-shoe series I planned on releasing last year, which was gonna be 2 mens pairs of sneakers and 1 ladies pair, each to include a different custom 4 inch toy as well. The series ended up never being released as I wasn't totally happy with the final sketches I made for all the pairs and since I had moved on to other projects, I never got around to re-doing any of the sketch ideas. By this time I had already made all 3 figures (i'll probably show the other 2 at a later time..maybe when I do a blog about some of my "unreleased rarities") and had already made the ladies shoe as well (which you see here), which were the only pair of the 3 that I was satisfied with. They sat in my closet for almost a year before deciding to break them out to show at the Conception Tribeca II show and now they're available for purchase!

Only a small run of these will be made and are available in womens sizes only. To order, click the link here.