"Ladybug" custom high heels & purse set

Lately a lot of interest has been shown in the custom high heels...from displays at art shows (one of which gained me a sale of a pair) to interest from as far as Scotland (thank you Mhairi!). Many of these have been 1-of-1 styles but recently I received an email from someone asking why certain styles weren't available in multiple sizes. From that email came the idea to come up with a plan to produce more than one pair of a particular style (more on that in a moment). However, the inspiration did not stop there (more on that in a moment also).

Originally I just planned to do a simple limited edition pair of heels, however, my close friend, the same one who came up with the "Purple Haze" name for my previous pair of heels, gave me not only inspiration for enhancing my idea, but since I was having trouble coming up with a clever name for the shoes (which i'm usually good at but hit a wall with these) even gave me an awesome name for them (love you Nina..thank you again!).

Thus, the "Ladybug" custom high heels were born:

And while the shoes are great by themselves, it needed that certain something to go with them. It's pretty well know most ladies like to have that perfect accessory to match that perfect pair of heels soooooo......

.....in comes the matching custom purse! Each order of the Ladybug custom heels includes a matching purse signed by the artist (me):

Now as far as the limited edition thing, there are only FIVE pairs in existence...yes, you heard right..five! Each of the 5 pairs was made in a different size and each comes with a matching purse. This project is basically a test run to see the response that a project like this will receive. Basically, if this does well then more custom heel styles will be made in multiple runs (and maybe even more of this particular style). Plans are in the works to come up with more custom heels & accessories for the ladies going into the spring & summer months..so support is definitely needed! The Ladybug custom set goes on sale on February 20th (Monday) in the online store at the link below the pics.

Click here to order the Ladybug custom set