Lasting Power

The questions I get asked often about my custom shoes is "Are the shoes waterproof/will the paint come off in the rain?". Having answered this question often over the years (and know i'll be addressing it again in the future), I figured i'd make a quick blog about it with a little example.

Now here's a pair of customs I made for myself back in 2009:

As you can see, the shoes are obviously new in this photo (tried to find a pic of these without the logo tag on them but couldn't).

Since this picture was taken, these shoes have been worn more times than I can count. They've been worn in the rain, snow (and not just light snow..i'm talking major Noreaster type snow as well!) and i've done just about everything & gone everywhere in them! Here's a picture of those same shoes today (this pic was taken about 4 days before this blog update & not altered in any way):

As mentioned before, these shoes have been given quite a workout in these past 3 years and the paint work is still in tact. Now i'm usually not hard on my shoes at fact, i'm one of those people who likes to clean his shoes after each wear, stores them back in the box, keeps a clean pair of laces in them, etc., but for whatever reason I kinda just "let loose" on this pair (lol). Nowadays I only wear this pair when i'm just out to run errands and when i'm not "freshly dressed". Also, you'll notice there's no cracking despite all the creases in the shoes (it also helps that it's a well made factory shoe of course).

So to answer the question(s), they won't crack or peel, and yes...they're waterproof! :)