"Samurai's Blade"

You may remember my update from last month featuring "The Samurai" Custom Figure (which also featured some pics from the Conception Tribeca II show)..well, my original plan was to include a pair of custom sneakers in the show display to go along with the Samurai figure but between filling a customer order or two & prepping ideas for other projects, I kinda knew I wouldn't have time to make the shoes in time...or at least not be able to make them with the level of quality I really wanted to. So I decided to put the idea on the shelf for a bit until I was ready to present it peoperly.

I originally drew up a sketch for this idea sometime around early 4th quarter of last year but as i've done before with ideas before, I ended up putting it aside to do something else (believe it or not, I have concept sketches dating back to 2003 that haven't been released..I have enough ideas now to carry me through the next 2 years at least (not even counting the newer stuff). I should tweak some of that old stuff and bring it to life!). Anyway, here's the shoe that I call "Samurai's Blade":

And just because the two look so great together.....

(Note: Samurai figure is not included with shoe)

Creating this particular design was a very time consuming yet extremely fun project. I wanted the shoe to capture the feel of the Samurai of ancient Japan culture and the fancy kitana blade that they would carry as their weapon of choice. The symbol on the rear and back of the shoe is the Kanji symbol (a form of Japanese writing) for "Samurai", so I felt that the symbol would be perfect for the shoe as it relates to the theme perfectly.

This shoe is available for purchase at the link here.