Air Force One "Beautiful Destruction" Pack

"I still sense beauty despite the chaos...although the chaos itself is beautiful"

That's the tagline for this latest project known as Beautiful Destruction. The reason for the name is because I wanted to create something that looked a little chaotic yet colorful. Usually we associate objects with a multitude of colors with something beautiful, like rainbows or even highly colorful paintings. On the flipside, when you see things like cracked pavements or abandoned & broken down buildings, you don't necessarily think of beauty..more like chaos, abandonment, or just plain destruction. You can say these two shoes combine the two.

The shoes feature lots of unusual patterns throughout (the cracked black lines overlaying the red panels kinda have a 3d type effect as they were carved into the shoe with a woodburner) and even some drilled holes in the front areas of the shoes (also done with a woodburner). Overall the patterns were made to give the shoe that look of damaged, destroyed objects. The beauty part comes into play with the numerous colors used in the shoes, almost giving the feel of an abstract painting.

I decided to do both low top & mid top versions of these shoes:

Low Top Version:

Mid Top Version:

Side by side:

Both shoes are for sale at the links below:

"Beautiful Destruction" (Low top version)

"Beautiful Destruction" (Mid top version)