"Gold Rush" Custom Air Force One Low

I love colorful kicks. So much so that sometimes I have to force myself to make something more subtle and a little less colorful...after all, sometimes less is more (key word is SOMETIMES). Keeping that in mind, I came up with these new shoes called "Gold Rush".

These shoes feature a charcoal base color overlapped with a black pattern (I wanted to keep the shoe with a mostly dark tone). and on the toe box & swoosh is a metallic gold (haven't worked with metallics in a while and I thought it would be perfect for this shoe). The metallic gold gives it a bit of a fancy edge without being too bright and colorful. I feel like the two balance each other out pretty well.

Here's some more pics of the shoes, which are available in both mens and womens sizes. Shout out to Abakus Takeout for letting me take these pics in their store!

Order the "Gold Rush" Air Force Ones here.