"Poker Face" Custom Air Force One Low

A while ago I was pitched the idea of doing a custom with a gambling/poker theme. I thought it sounded like a good idea but wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to put it together...all I know is that I wanted something different but still sticking with the original theme.

So over the weekend, here's what I came up with:

Originally I wanted them to be a "Royal Flush" theme but realized that wouldn't work since I wanted to include all 4 suits used in card games (Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts, and Spades) but I did use all the cards that make up a royal flush (10, Jack, King, Queen, & Ace) as well as the wildcard: The Joker. Now mind you i'm no poker expert but I have played a few times in the past (even won some dough once or twice) and picked up a thing or two about the game. Not to mention a little research never hurts. :)

These shoes are available to order in both mens & womens sizes at the online store at the link below.

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