The Stealths are back!

What was meant to be a limited release has now returned (for the time being)! The first time these shoes were released (late October 2011) they got a pretty good response, with orders from as far as Australia! They were then released a 2nd time as part of a collection I made called "The 23 Collection". After that collection was discontinued, a week or so later I started receiving inquiries again for this particular shoe and even ended up filling a customer order for them. After that I thought "People really seem to like this shoe!", so here it is again...the Stealth Air Max 90s!

How long will it be around? Not quite sure, but there's a large chance there will not be a 4th you may want to get your hands on these now!

Available in both mens & womens sizes. Get them at the link below:

Jordan III Stealth Air Max 90s