"Killer Panda"

Ever watch those shows like "When Animals Attack" when people get too close to wild animals they shouldn't get near & those animals go beserk? Well I had that show in mind when I created this concept. Usually when you think of wild animals you don't always think of pandas..instead we think of bears, lions, alligators, etc. I used to always see pandas as playful, cuddly animals until I saw a video of a Panda in Japan reach through a cage, grab a guy who was sitting by the cage, & pull his jacket right off him (if no one was there to help it probably would've pulled him in!). Now i'm pretty sure in some situations pandas aren't necessarily killers & probably just aggressive so this particular shoe theme may be a little exaggerated...think 'aggressive panda meets horror film'.

I was basically going for a scary horror movie type style with these shoes so using a multitude of colors was out of the question. Instead, I kept the shoes a simple red and black. The fake blood splatter style along with the grey shadowing around the facial features of the panda give it that eerie, dark feel. I'm usually into doing the colorful, abstract stuff as well as wild and edgy works but wanted to do something with a dark, horror vibe for this go-around.

This particular pair is not for sale but I am willing to create something similar for those who may be interested (most likely on a different shoe since the shoe used to make these was a hard to find one).


  1. how much would they cost?

  2. This particular pair isn't for sale but I can create something similar on another shoe. Email info@ecentrik.net for more info.


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