The eye has always been a fascinating body part to me. I've always been especially partial to eyes...whether it's a headshot of a beautiful woman with gorgeous eyes or a drawing of the eye...on a facial picture or the eyes by themselves. For a while I've been looking for a way to incorporate it somehow in a pair of shoes and eventually came up with these:

I decided to call them "Optical" meaning 'Of or relating to sight, esp. in relation to the physical action of light'. The shoe features an eye drawing on the outer rear panels of each shoe (similar to the pic above, which is also on the top of the shoe box) as well as an eye design on the shoe tongues. I also added in a cool speckle effect throughout the shoe. Being as though the rubber soles on Air Force Ones are not paintable, I wanted to find a way to still bring some type of pizzazz to it & the speckle idea just popped:

These are actually available to order in both mens & womens sizes at this link.