Supra Skytop "Escape"

Sometimes in life we come into a situation where we feel stuck in a rut & need to "get away from it all" we need a short breather or even a long term change.  It can be the desire for a job change, the desire for a week's vacation or a break from someone or something, or even a need for a change of scenery/surroundings.  Whether it's something big or small, we all have that need to just escape from whatever ails us & get that desired peace of mind.  That idea is what inspired my newest custom design called "Escape".

I felt the Supra Skytops, a shoe I've wanted to work with for a while now, would be the perfect canvas for what I had in mind for this shoe.  I've always wanted to get some Supras and do something super colorful and bright and with the way the shoe is designed, it's perfect for displaying that type of look.

The face on the side depicts a person trapped in the "hum drum" looking to break free of whatever stress & frustration they feel is holding them down as they want to break thru the barrier that stands in their way (depicted by the line pattern overlapping the face).  The person desires that relieving getaway that will bring them the peace of mind they desire (represented by the rest of the shoe, which has a colorful scheme that brings a feeling of revitalization).

This shoe is available to order in the Ecentrik Online Store.  To order click here.