"Camouflage Life"

Here's the newest custom from Ecentrik Artistry known as "Camouflage Life".  Don't really have a particular story for this pair....just wanted to do a cool camouflage pattern on a pair of Air Max 90s.

Well actually...there's a little bit of a story.  Just a little.

I was planning a series called "Love and War" where I would have a "love" shoe and a "war" shoe.  I ended up scrapping the overall idea because I couldn't come up with a design for the love shoe that I was satisfied with..I did come up with some good sketches but none of which I felt captured the feel of the theme (designs that I may use for other things).  However, I loved the design for the war shoe so I decided to still go with making that particular shoe & just rename it:

The shoes don't have any type of political statement, as mentioned before, I just wanted to try out a camouflage pattern on some air max 90s (which is quickly becoming my favorite shoe to customize).  And in the process I came up with a cool matching t-shirt design that I call "Battle Tested":

The t-shirt is included free with each purchase of the shoes:

Available in mens and selected womens sizes.  Shoes & shirt combo can be ordered at this link: "Camouflage Life" Air Max 90 w. t-shirt