Air Max 90 "Atmos 2012"

The latest shoe from Ecentrik Artistry is titled "Atmos 2012".  For those unfamiliar with the the name, Atmos is a famous sneaker boutique in Tokyo, Japan (there's also a location in Harlem NYC).  Back in 2007, Atmos Tokyo did a collaboration shoe with Nike that was named after the Boutique.  The shoe design was done using an Air Max 1 shoe:

Word is that Nike produced somewhere around 5,000 of this shoe, which I have seen lately go for around $400+ on some sites.  I've always been a fan of this shoe (more so the colorway) and wanted to do something that touches on it but with a bit of a different twist.  The idea I had was to do this colorway on a pair of air max 90s (always thought this design would look good on a pair of those) but wanted to do something besides cement print, which while a cool effect can get a bit repetitive after a while.

So I looked through some pics of past air max designs that I've done and came across these: the "Sublime Visuals" Air Max 90s:

(Sublime Visuals available at this link)

I loved the blue pattern in this particular shoe, so the idea was to take that same pattern style and combine it with the Atmos shoe colorway to create a hybrid with the Nike design and one of my own originals.  The result was this:

The Atmos 2012 Air Max 90s are made to order and available for both men & women at the link below.  If your size is not listed, contact for availability.