Supreme Custom Dunk High (limited edition release)

Earlier this year Supreme NYC & Nike released a new version of the Supreme Dunk Lows.  This shoe, which was produced in small supply, came and went as eager buyers grabbed the supply up just as quickly as it came in.  Having seen this, along came an idea to do a version of my own.

As mentioned in a previous blog entry, I plan on moving away from doing "color flips" as I want to focus more on producing original artwork, but there are still a few color flips that I want to bring out before doing so (a color flip is when an artist takes a popular design released by Nike & applies that design to a different shoe).  This was one of those ideas.

Now although for the most part i'm pleased with the finish product, I do have a critique or two (i'm my own biggest critic sometimes).  I've done cement print before but this time it was a lot trickier than usual due to the fact that I hand engraved it this time as opposed to just painting it on as I usually do (this print's tricky enough without engraving):

(actual pic of me using a heated woodburner for the pattern)

As a result I felt like I could have filled in a few more spots with the pattern.  If and when I make duplicates of these shoes I plan to make the print closer to this:

Or better yet this:

(These are the Stealth Air Max 90s, which by the way are still available here)

The Supreme custom dunk highs are available now, however: only 20 pairs will be made and it's first come first served.  These aren't expected to be available long so grab yours now at the link below:

Click here to order Supreme custom dunks