Currently I have a sneaker that i'm looking to release in the next few weeks tentatively titled "Year Of The Ecentrik" (more on that in a future update).  Usually I tend to sketch out ideas before I paint them but this time around I kinda made up the design as I went along.  Halfway through the project I had a clearer idea of how I wanted the shoes to look but as I got to the finished product I felt I wanted some things about the shoes to be different.  Although I liked the outcome of these I felt it wasn't what I particularly wanted for this specific project.  I debated for a day or two whether or not I would still release this version of the shoes but then decided to go forward with it.  So I then decided to label these as a prototype, which is the official name.

These shoes will be a SUPER RARE release, as only a handful will be made and may be discontinued without notice (since they are pretty much just a prototype design).  Sizes available to purchase will be Mens sizes 8 to 13 and can be purchased here:  http://ecentrik.bigcartel.com/product/prototype-air-force-one-low