Air Flight 89 "Cement"

When it comes to sneaker art, usually I tend to like going all out and doing crazy detailed type of work...but there are times where less is more and simpler & subtle designs tend to shine more.  This shoe is an example of that.

The "Cement" Air Flight 89 is inspired by a lot of the Jordan Retro-type designs.  Specifically the ones where the shoes are mostly one solid color (usually white or black) with some of the famous nike cement/elephant print in certain sections of the shoe.  The design done on this Air Flight 89 shoe (a shoe I have been wanting to sink my brushes into for a long time now) brings two retro shoes into one with the hand painted grey panels overlapped with hand-painted elephant print.

Between the possible demand for these shoes plus the uncertainty of how long the base shoe used to make these will be on the market, these are not expected to last long.  These will are going for $180 USD (US Shipping is free) and are available in mens sizes at the links below (if your size isn't listed email for info).