"Manslaughter" Custom Dunk High (13 Series sneak peek)

Originally I wasn't planning on showing or releasing these until 2013, but since they fit in with the Halloween vibe (it's past midnight as i'm typing this) I decided to show them now.  These are titled "Manslaughter" and are part of the upcoming 13 series that i've been teasing before (originally listed as January 2013 but chances are I may not be able to make that timeframe so i'll say 1st quarter of the year).  The other reason I decided to show them is.....i'm currently taking orders for them...and at a reduced price than originally planned!  There is a catch however:

1) I'm only taking orders until November 17th...after that, they won't be available again until 2013.

2) Originally I was planning to do these for around $300+ but for the next 2 weeks I will be doing them for $230 (that price is for the 2 week period only.  Next year they will go back to the $300+ Price).  Shipping is free if ordering in the United States.

Order the "Manslaughter" Dunk Highs at this link: http://www.ecentrik.bigcartel.com/product/manslaughter-custom-dunk-high