New (sort of) additions to the online store

Three new styles have been added to the online store.....sort of.

Actually, the 3 additions to the store are previously made designs (2 of which were never sold before).  These 3 shoes were originally made between 2008 & 2010:

1. "Glacier Exhibit" Air Force One Low

This design was originally created in 2008 as a 1-of-1 shoe and is being made available to order for the first time ever.  Although I have been customizing shoes since 2002, the Ecentrik Artistry name was created in 2008 and this was one of the first shoes created around that time.  Available in both mens & womens sizes at this link:

2.  "Soda Pop" Air Force One Low

Another shoe originally made as a 1-of-1 that is being made available for the first time, the Soda Pop air force ones were originally created back in 2009.  They are available in mens & womens sizes at this link:

3.  "Spotter" Air Force One Low

Unlike the previous two shoes, the Spotter air force ones, which were created originally in 2010, were previously available to order and are being re-released for the 2012 fall season.  This shoe is available in mens sizes only at this link: