Air Jordan IV "Doernbecher Flip" Custom

Back with another Jordan custom!  I'm kinda late posting this on my own blog due to the fact I've been filling a heavy amount of orders (Thank you all! Very grateful for the support) and haven't had time to update as often (although I did manage to get these to a few sneaker sites so some of you may have already seen them).  Anyway, the same client who contacted me about doing the South Beach Jordan IVs contacted me about doing the Jordan IV Doernbecher design:

However, instead of making the design exactly like the originals, the client wanted to take the colors and rearrange them.  Also, the client wanted the design to be a little more subtle than the originals so certain things were left out of the custom version such as the arrow design and the Superman logo.  The silhouette of Isaiah Scott (designer of the original version) was left in....almost as a way of paying homage to the original designer.  Here's the result:

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