Lebron "South Beach" Custom Jordan IV Retro

 It's been years since I customized a pair of Jordans.  However, lately I have been getting the desire to do a pair again...particularly either the Jordan 3s or 4s (my two favorites...I'm only really a fan of the first 4 versions of Jordans).  Recently a client contacted me about customizing a pair of his deadstock retro Military 4s:

So I jumped at the chance of getting to sink my brushes into a pair of Jordans again.  There were two designs he had in mind:  A color-reveresed version of the Dorenbecher 4s or these....The Lebron South beach colorway:

 Since it had never been done on Retro 4s, I suggested the South Beach colorway.  Some might feel like South Beach customs have been done to death, but this time was a little different.  Instead of having the teal shade be the dominant color, the client suggested that the grey be the dominant color, which I felt was a good idea and would make it stand out a little more.  So after studying the above Lebron pic along with a template I made as well as one sent by the client, here was the finished product:

Although the toe area was already grey, I repainted it so that the shade would match the grey in the rest of the shoe perfectly.  The net areas on the side & tongue were also painted black (which was not a very easy task).  The midsole sections were painted teal and pink (the pink matches the laces perfetly as well) and the jumpman logo on the tongues were changed from blue to black while the ones in the rear of the shoe were changed to pink.  Also, the rest of the rear panel was changed from blue to teal.

It was fun to customize Jordans again & I look forward to doing it again (especially after the positive response these have been getting so far).  Interested in having your Retro Jordans customized?  Send an email to info@ecentrikart.net.