"S13" Custom Air Force 180

I love race cars.  Growing up as a big video game fanatic, I always had a love for racing games like Ridge Racer, Grand Turismo, Sega Rally, Sega Super GT (a game which to this day I wish Sega had released on the Dreamcast....used to play it all the time in the arcades).  One area of car racing is Drift Racing (or drifting), which is what a lot of the previously mentioned games are influenced by (not to mention the entire Fast And The Furious movie franchise).

Anyway, another thing I always love about professional race cars is the actual designs.  The artist in me has always been attracted to the custom painted car patterns which also featured the car numbers and various logos draped throughout.  One of my favorites that I ever saw was the Nissan S13 driven by professional Racer Nate Hamilton:

(Photo courtesy of What Monsters Do (http://whatmonstersdo.com/)

After seeing this car, I knew immediately that I wanted to put this on to a shoe!  I've actually had the idea for most of the year but didn't know what shoe would best translate the idea...that is, until Nike released these: The Air Force 180 mid:

There's something about the shape and design of the shoe that I thought would represent the design real well.  So after combining the shoe with the car here's the finished result:

And finally, a car/shoe comparison pic:

There is one thing I should mention about the pic:  The lighting in the shoe pics makes the purple look a little more blueish, but in reality the purple closer resembles that of the car.

I even sent a pic to Nate Hamilton himself (who i'm hoping will actually want a pair being as though they are modeled after his car) and he loved them!

Needless to say, this ended up making MY day!

These shoes are available to order in the online store at the link below (btw, the shoes were originally priced at $400 but are on sale for $275!).