Air Jordan I "Nightmare In Green"

After doing the 1-of-1 version of the Nightmare In Green Jordan IV, I knew immediately that I wanted to do another version (also the fact that so many people were asking about that version played a part).  This time, I wanted to use a Jordan shoe that I hadn't previously worked with, which ended up being the Jordan I retro.

While using the same colorway, I also wanted to change the actual design...and the other difference with this version is that I wanted it to be something that people could actually order as opposed to doing something for my personal collection.  I honestly didn't sketch out the design this time as I usually do and instead just freestyled the design making it up as I went along.  The result is what you see here:

I actually like this version way more than the has a much cleaner look but still really pops with the cool colorway (I even added in an extra shade of green).  As mentioned before, this version is actually available to order from the online store at this link.