"Coffee & Donuts"

Sometimes as an artist, inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places.  Such as with the case of my latest creation, that I title "Coffee and Donuts".  Because first of all, I love donuts.  Never been a big candy eater (unless you count the occasional mints) so donuts are the perfect snack (or small breakfast) when I have a sweet tooth:

(I'm pretty partial to glazed)

And it's even better with some fresh coffee:

Whether it's from a local mom & pop bakery, or one of the big two donut restaurants ("DD" or "KK"....you figure it out),  good donuts are good donuts (and coffee).  So I wanted to do a theme based on one of my favorite food combinations.

First off, just for show I got this cool mug made (I knew it would be a nice prop for when I did pics of the finished shoe...now I just drink from it!):

Then I made a cool box for it:

And finally, I made the shoes:

As you can see, the logo design on the box resembles that of a familiar doughnut company (wink wink), and the shoe has a magenta and buttercup (or golden brown) shade with the sugary icing dripping down the side panels.  The shoe's then topped off with a glossy look resembling the sweet donut glazing.  The shoe's also a perfect match with the recently released "Made Fresh Daily" sweatshirt:

Both Items are available at the links below.

"Coffee & Donuts" Custom Air Max 90s (Each pair comes with custom box.  Mug not included):


"Made fresh Daily" Sweatshirt: