I got faked/bootlegged again...

Looks like the bootleggers have struck again!  Someone brought it to my attention that a website that sells fake shoes has made cheap bootlegs of my "Brother Of Mars" and "Doernbecher Flip" customs.  It happened before and well, here we go again (lol):

The "Brother Of Mars" shoes.  The top pic is the original legit version & below it the fakes.  Immediate noticeable differences: the elephant print is off in the fake version and the tongue hs a weird shape to it.  Plus the color shades are off.

The "Doernbecher Flip" Jordan 4s.  Immediate noticeable differences:  The shade of blue is way off and even the silhouette on the side of the shoes is missing in the fake version.  And if you notice, the net area on the side is lime green instead of turquoise.  Plus the lime green in the shoes and even the green laces are off.

Now most people who follow the sneaker game can spot fake shoes a mile away (and some can't & still don't know the difference between a fake and a custom).  But i'll put this out there again: Ecentrik Artistry does not support the use & sale of fake shoes.  Fakes/bootlegs are made from poor quality and don't look or feel authentic.  Every shoe that I use to make customs are 100% authentic and only purchased from shoe dealers that sell authentic Nike products (as well as other shoe brands).  I wear my own product as well and stand by everything I make 100%.  I've been customizing shoes since late 2002 and take pride in the quality of my product and while I have fun creating and enjoy the work that's put into each pair, it's not something I take lightly.  It means a lot to me to produce good quality work and use good quality product.

At the moment, there are only two websites that are currently selling my work:

www.ecentrik.bigcartel.com (Ecentrik Artistry online store)
www.shopeliteexclusive.com (They sell other kicks as well and are 100% legit)

And of course there's the main site: www.ecentrikart.net.

If any other sites carry my work in the future you will hear it from me directly here and/or on the facebook page.


Ecentrik Artistry