Air Force One "Ark Angel"

A while back I did a post regarding an unreleased project titled "13".  The project was to consist of 13 shoes named after favorite drum and bass songs of mine.  Recently I decided to bring to life another unreleased pair from the collection that I titled "Ark Angel".  The shoe was inspired by a song titled "Ark Angel 3" by Rufige Kru:

Each shoe from the collection may or may not directly relate to the songs as far as actual theme...some do while others were just interesting creations made while vibing to the particular song but might not have a theme that relates to the song/song title.  This design kinda has some elements that might relate as far as the wings go...but other than that, I just wanted something a little gritty and unique.  These are currently not available to order but that could always change down the road.