Air Jordan 3 "Sunburn" (Summer Love 3 late addition)

Making a late addition to the Summer Love 3 collection comes the Jordan 3 custom that I title "Sunburn".

With these collections, I always wanted to do themes that relate to summertime (beaches, summer drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, palm trees, sunsets, etc.) and one of the unfortunate things that relate is getting a case of sunburn while tanning on the beach.  In this case, I wanted to put a different spin on sunburn.

The shoe used for this customization was the Jordan 3 Crimsons, which meant I had to do a couple basecoats to turn this mostly black shoe into a light color.  Afterwards I then applied the desired colors and used a gradient fade to blend the shades (the fade was done by hand as I do not own an airbrush).  This was a very time consuming yet fun project to work on.

NOTE: Currently ONLY 5 PAIRS OF THIS SHOE WILL BE MADE (both mens & womens/GS sizes will be available for ordering).  It's possible that I may decide to do more pairs but it's not definite. The shoe will be available at this link: