Air Jordan 1 "Banana Milkshake"

Every so often it's nice to randomly come up with an idea on the fly.  Although I mostly like planning out a design ahead of time, sometimes spontaneous creations are cool to do as well.  As was the case with these: the Air Jordan 1 "Banana Milkshake" customs.

Originally when I bought the base shoe (the all white Air Jordan 1 mid) I had planned to do a different design on them...a design which I later used for a pair of Jordan 3s (will show those in a future blog).  So I decided to do something I hadn't done in a while: make up a design as I went along.  I knew that I wanted something with yellow....a lot of I added 3 shades of yellow..a really bright pale yellow, canary yellow, and a dark golden yellow.  I had originally kept the design with nothing but yellows but due to the brightness of the yellow shades it was hard to see most of the actual pattern details so added in the black line details to kinda distinguish where certain color shades break off into another shade.

After they were done, the tricky part was coming up for a name for them.  I really wanted something that included banana or lemon.  It took forever to come up with something so I sought out opinions of some fellow artists (and artistas) that I know and they gave me a couple name ideas....mostly stuff that included either banana, lemon, or pineapple.  After a day or two I ended up going with "banana milkshake" since I remember trying one and really becoming a fan of it (was once going to go with "Banana Bread" but since banana bread isn't really yellow I didn't think it would work).  So Banana Milkshake it is!

Here are some more photos below.  The shoe is on sale at this link: