Air Jordan 1 "Digital"

After the previously made Air Jordan Digi Camo Customs got such a positive response, I decided to bring back the theme.  The previous one was a 1-of-1 design done for a customer so I wanted to do a version that would be available for everyone to purchase....however, I couldn't decide on a color combo.

The solution: ask my supporters for their opinion.  One day I went on to both the facebook page ( as well as my Instagram account (@ecentrikartistry) and asked people what colorway I should go with (pretty much all of the feedback came from the instagram account, which seems to get more traffic than the facebook page).  The majority of the people wanted something with blue in it (like a military blue camo color) so blue it is!

The result:

With these, I pretty much stayed with the style and pattern placement from the original digi camos:

And changed up the colorway:

One of the few minor differences is that I did add slightly more digital blocks in the pattern designs in the sides and rear panels.

This shoe is currently on sale in the online store (a limited amount will be made):

There's also a "freestyle" option being offered...meaning that customers can request this design in any different color combo of their choice: