Air Jordan 1 "Miami Nights"

The Lebron 8 "Miami Nights" shoe.  Probably one of my favorite colorways of all time from Nike.  Being a big fan of bright colors, this shoe just always popped to me....the color combo as well as the design.  For a while now, i've been considering doing my own variation of this shoe....basically the same idea with my own touch to it.

The first question I asked myself was "which shoe should I do this on?"  I had seen different versions done on different shoes (foams, Jordans, etc) and decided to do it on a pair of Jordans.  I wanted to do it on a Jordan model that it hadn't been done on yet and decided on the classic Jordan 1 model (the all-white version):

So after selecting the colors to use I put the shoe together:

The fade effect was done by hand (I don't own an airbrush) as was the dot effect (which was pretty tedious but at the same time not as difficult as I thought it would be).  This shoe is available in the online store at the link below (currently only doing 5 pair but may decide to do more depending on how things go):