"Switcheroo" (customer spotlight)

Recently a customer sent me a pair of his Crimson Jordan 3s for a custom....but this was a bit of a different request.  This customer wanted to have a Jordan 3 release done over into another Jordan 3 release.  In this case, the Jordan 3 Black Cements.

Here's a stock photo of the original Jordan Cement 3:

And here are the Crimson 3s sent by the customer:

And here's the customized finished product:

I had a lot of fun making these and are particularly proud of them because it's a simple yet creative concept.  Usually I like to take a shoe and totally transform it top to bottom or doing a "color flip" (putting a design from one shoe model onto another shoe model) but in this case it's a design from one shoe model going on to that same model, which is something I hadn't done before & hasn't been done before (at least to my knowledge so I could be wrong).

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