Air Jordan V "Jade"

When I heard the black tongue Jordan 5 fire reds were re-releasing I knew immediately that I wanted to grab a pair for a new custom, as I had something specific in mind and knew it would look good on that particular shoe.  I love doing complex unusual patterns and was itching to get back to that again, thus leading to the Air Jordan 5 custom I called "Jade".

I called it Jade because of the green tones throughout the shoe plus it makes me think of the green stone of the same name.  I added in some grey shapes and black line patterns to the shoe to give it a unique look.  Although I wasn't going for it, the finished shoe kinda has a bit of a military camo look to it (chalk it up to the color combo).

I had a lot of fun doing this shoe and would probably list it as one of my current favorites (hope you guys feel the same too!).

This shoe is available to order at the online store directly at the link below (both mens & womens/gs sizes available).  Or if you have your own pair of Jordan fire red 5s that you want to send for this custom, send an email to: