Air Jordan 5 "Volcanic Eruption"

With a name like "Volcanic Eruption", the inspiration behind this pair is pretty volcanoes, eruption, molten lava.  I tend to be fascinated with different aspects of nature...mostly wildlife/exotic species both on land & underwater as well as rare occurrences like the aurora borealis (which I would love to see in person someday).  Active volcanoes, while they can be fatal under certain circumstances, are still one of those wonders of nature.

(Active volcano in action)

(Lava flow)

So while coming up with the design idea, I thought the perfect shoe to house this idea would be the Jordan 5 Fire Red (black tongue version):

And after about 9+ hours of work, here's the finished product:

With the different colors and patterns throughout the shoe I wanted to capture the feeling of an active volcano...from the cracking of the volcano to the spewing molten lava to the ash and debris.  I even decided to throw in the golden yellow laces for good measure (originally wanted to use red laces but didn't have any handy at the moment).  I am currently taking limited orders for this shoe, which can be ordered directly from the online store at the link below (If you want to send your own shoes for customization, email at INFO@ECENTRIKART.NET for price info):