Jordan 5 "Blue Frost"

Blue is my favorite color, especially the more unique and mixed shades of blue like aqua, turquoise, etc.  So it was fun to do a shoe that not only incorporated different shades of blue, but also that had an abstract type of style.  Thus was born the "Blue Frost" custom.  The name basically came from the fact that it's currently pretty cold over here on the east coast (it's currently fall but most days lately have felt very winter-like...I am so not a fan of cold weather) and I felt the name was fitting.

Now i'm well aware that this design is definitely not for everyone but I think the "artsy"/graffiti loving crowd will probably appreciate this custom more.  This shoe was made using the Jordan 5 "Laney" but can also be made using the Jordan 5 "Grape" as well.  I am currently taking orders for these at the link below.  And if you would like to send your own Laney 5s or Grape 5s for this custom, email INFO@ECENTRIKART.NET for ordering info.