"Random Thoughts"

Every so often we all have random thoughts about things...whether it's about our jobs/careers, music, entertainment, love & relationships, hobbies, on any other everyday things.  Most of my longtime Facebook friends see me do what I call *random thought* posts from time to time.  Well, one day I thought it might be fun to make a pair of shoes centered around actual random thoughts i've had over time.  The result was the "Random Thoughts" shoe.

I wanted the design of this shoe to be extremely busy and have a lot going on at once, which is why there are so many colors all over the place.  What I had in mind was kind of a wall packed with colorful graffiti & random tags/scribble everywhere.  The wording all over the shoes are actual thoughts that I had about different topics on the regular, some of which I had while the shoes were being made.  The thoughts and the multiple colors are almost like a representation of & glimpse into my mind and how it seems to run on the daily.  I consider myself a thinker (and admittedly I seem to overthink things sometimes...a personal flaw of mine) and wanted to express that with this shoe.  Now i'm aware that this design might not be for everyone....some might even flat out hate them, but I wanted something outside the norm and felt willing to take chances and create something that would get people talking and push some boundaries, which is needed from time to time.  Check out the multiple pics below of all the different thoughts layed out throughout both shoes.  Sorry but this shoe is a 1-of-1 and not for sale/will not be duplicated.  Just something for my personal collection.

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Base Shoe:

Finished product: