Lebron 10 "Carbonated Beverage"

Been a while since I did a pair of Lebrons so I thought now would be a pretty good time.  The Lebrons 8s, 9s, & 10s are my personal favorites (10s would probably be #1 for me....just something about the shape of the shoe...especially the high top version) so I thought it would make a good base for another custom (see my last 2 Lebron customs here).  These new ones I call "Carbonated Beverage".

The inspiration behind these obviously comes from soda/cola...specifically Mountain Dew, 7UP, and Sprite because of the colors used.  I added the green and white dots throughout the shoes to represent the bubbles you see in those types of drinks.

And for picture purposes, here's my own Ecentrik Cola!

The base shoe for this custom: Lebron 10 "Heat Home":

For the time being, this custom is a 1-of-1 for my personal collection and is not for sale.  However, if interested in having an original custom of your own, email me at info@ecentrikart.net.  And check out the online store to purchase some Ecentrik Artistry original customs at www.ecentrik.bigcartel.com.  Also, check out the main site at www.ecentrikart.net.