Air Force 1 "American Flag Grunge"

Due to the popularity of the "American Flag" Jordan 4s, I ended up doing the theme again, this time on a different shoe.  A lot of people were asking about the Jordan 4 version, which was done as a 1-of-1 for a customer.  I figured I would do a similar design on a different shoe, in this case the Air Force 1 mid.

Besides being on a different shoe, this version has some other changes.  While I stuck to the grungy look for these, I included more red stripes and changed the blue from a royal shade to a darker semi-navy blue.  The royal blue on the Jordan 4s had a little of a dark blue speckled over it while the blue on the air force version is more solid.

(Jordan 4 version)

(Air Force 1 mid version)

This shoe is available in both men's and women's/gs sizes (the ones pictured are gs (grade school) size).  I am also offering the option of having them done on the low top Air Force 1s as well or if desired, on a shoe of your choice (the Jordan 4 version will not be duplicated however as that pair was meant to be a 1-of-1/private order).  You can purchase the shoe at the link below.  If interested in a different option, email me at