Air Jordan 5 "Nightmare In Green"

Recently a customer contacted me about wanting the Jordan 1 "Nightmare In Green" in a women's/gs size, but I informed them that the shoe is a men's only style.  I then let them know that I would be willing to make a similar design on a different Jordan shoe, and the Jordan 5 was suggested.  So using a pair of GS Laney 5s I was able to come up with a Jordan 5 variation of the Nightmare in green:

The shoe features the exact same color scheme as the original along with some of the same style pattern work from the originals.

Here is the original Jordan 1 version:

And here's the Jordan 5 version:

At the moment, I will be taking a few orders for this shoe in both men's and women's/gs sizes but only for a limited time.  Click link for more information: