"Mind Overload"

This shoe was actually inspired by a situation in my own personal life.  Basically some frustration with a person in my personal life and as a result of that it led (and still sometimes leads) to me frequently over thinking about it all.

Overthinking's something we're all guilty of at one time or another and it can cause a flood of different emotions in our heads, either causing us to think up problems that aren't there or magnifying the ones that are there to appear bigger than they really are.  It's like voices in our heads that can't be shut off or are difficult to shut off.  A lot of those emotions can be negative ones, which is why overthinking's not a good thing and we really shouldn't do it....but that's easier said than done.

The reason I named it "Mind Overload" is because of how these things can cause a flood of emotions within us.  If you look closely in the pics below the grey panels of the shoes feature some of those negative feelings we feel during these trying moments.  While the blue areas feature some of the more positive emotions we can feel if we just take a breath and not let the bad weigh us down (again, easier said than done but it is possible.  Admittedly I struggle with overthinking at times as i'm sure others do as well).  Unfortunately from the looks of things the bad seems to outweigh the good but at the same time the good can still be stronger if we let it.

This shoe is available to order at this link: http://www.ecentrik.bigcartel.com/product/air-max-90-mind-overload-custom

More pics below: