The Brooklyn Art Project

What is The Brooklyn Art Project?

Basically this: I find New York in general to be a very artistically inspiring place...a great deal of that inspiration is for me found in (but not limited to) the borough of Brooklyn.  The series will basically be a series of items with themes that were inspired by different things that i've seen around the borough...whether it be artwork (gallery art, graffiti, etc.), architecture, or just (and mostly) random things that caught my eye that most people might not notice or take for granted.  It's not necessarily going to be a bunch of items based on different landmarks in the city (with the exception of one item), but more of a mixture of random things with a landmark or two thrown into the mix.  Think of it as me taking the energy of Brooklyn (at least my interpretation) and presenting it in visual form.  This project, which is still in the works, is slated for a spring release & I will have an exact launch date and other information in the upcoming weeks.