Radii SJV2 Freestyle Custom

Had a pair of the all red Radii SJV2s sitting around for a few months and knew I wanted to do something cool with them.  My friend Cecilia of Sweet Surrender Art told me about this brand a few years ago and i've been paying attention to them ever since.  Recently I came across the SJV2 shoe and knew I had to have them:

Besides being a nice looking shoe, they're also very comfortable.  Anyway I wanted to do something on them but had no idea what.  So one day I just decided to freestyle something:

As you can see I kept most of the red in the shoe and added a bit of a light fire red to it along with the turquoise blue and black pattern.  This shoe is just a little something for my personal collection.

Interested in your own version of this or another shoe?  Email me at info@ecentrikart.net (serious inquiries only).