Customer Spotlight: "Viva L'Algerie"

There's a sneaker/clothing store in the Chelsea section of New York where I would frequently buy sneakers.  The owner of the store remembered me not only from all the times i've shopped there, but for the different customs that I would wear all those times.  One day he asked me about my shoes and I gave him a business card after telling him what it is I do (along with showing him some pics of my work).  Eventually one day he asked me about possibly getting a pair done for himself and said I would love to, just let me know what theme or colorway you're interested in.  So after a few days he let me know what he wanted to have done and on what shoe he wanted to go with.

The theme he chose was based around the Algeria soccer team.  He wanted something with the flag colors as well as colors similar to the team jersey:

And the shoe he chose was the Nike Air Max 90:

And here's the finished product:

The custom design was meant to be kept fairly simple and focus more on the actual color combo.  The shoe features a nice shade of red along with a bright emerald green.  The back panels feature a darker green that's closer to the flag colors with the crescent and star placed with a soccer ball.  The crescent and star are also on the swooshes and on the tongues as a full flag design.  If you notice on both shoes (one in red print, the other in green print), it says "1,2,3, Viva L'Algerie" which is a cheer for the team and after doing some research, I found that it's also a song:

So another fun project is complete!  Would have loved to have done something like these during the World Cup....could have put together some really cool themes.  Have a custom idea of your own or want to inquire about having a custom done?  Contact me at my email: (serious inquiries only).