"Gamma Bomb"

The Incredible Hulk is my favorite super hero of all time and crazy enough, the reason I became an artist.  It all started for me when I first saw episodes of the old Bill Bixby & Lou Ferrigno Incredible Hulk tv series from the 70s-80s.  That introduced me to comics as a kid which in turn, inspired me to want to be an artist.  There was something about the larger than life characters and the in-your-face style panels and action shots of the characters that made me want to pick up a pencil and paper and start drawing (well, it started with me tracing comic pics and grew from there).  Long before I knew who Picasso, Van Gogh, Warhol, or Basquiat were, I knew about comic art legends like Jack Kirby, John Byrne, Sal Buscema, etc.  Anyway that's another story for another time.

Of all the years that I had been customizing sneakers/footwear, I never really did a true comic book themed shoe and people I know who knew about me being a comic geek would ask me why I had never done one.  My guess is that I wasn't really inspired to do so until now.  So I figured if i'm gonna start, why not do my favorite character as my first?

I decided to name it "Gamma Bomb" in reference to the first issue of the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Incredible Hulk #1, in which Dr. Robert Bruce Banner gets caught in a gamma ray explosion trying to save a young Rick Jones who stumbled onto a gamma bomb test site.

I wanted to do sort of a reenactment of this scene on one of the shoes, so on the outer left shoe I depicted Banner being caught in the gamma explosion:

And as we all know, that explosion would later have drastic effects on Bruce Banner.  When angered and put under extreme stress and trauma, Banner would morph into a big, green beast with limitless strengh known as The Incredible Hulk!

On the right shoe, we have the Hulk in all his glory in full rage mode!

Throughout the rest of the shoe, I wanted to feature the classic ripped purple pants that has become a staple of the character.  In certain sections, I tried to mix in some normal flesh tone with the green to kind of depict Banner in mid-transformation.  Probably should have used more flesh tone to make it a little stronger since the green is so dominant but it still works.  And on the back heels I did the Jumpman logos to resemble the Hulk with the green skin and purple pants:

Oh, and this was the original base shoe before customization: The "Joker" Jordan 3s:

Even the big guy himself endorses these:

Haven't decided if i'm gonna do any orders for these or just keep them as a 1-of-1 (originally made these to wear to the New York Comic Con but unfortunately couldn't get tickets for the event).  But for custom sneaker inquiries (serious inquiries only), contact me through my website, www.ecentrikart.net (go to the "contact" section).