"Street Art"

I love street art.  Street art and graffiti are a major influence in a lot of my work so it was fun to do a shoe specifically based on the street art theme.  Recently I had purchased a pair of the Jordan 1 Infrareds:

Now originally I planned to use these for a different custom theme, but once I got the idea for the "Street Art" custom, I knew this would be the perfect shoe for it.  So after sketching up an idea for this (which took me an entire weekend and about 10 to 15 sketches before coming up with exactly what I wanted), I went to work and came up with the finished product:

These were a very fun custom to create as I love the colors and theme.  I am currently accepting orders for these but only plan to do a few (no specific number right now but want to keep these limited & really exclusive).  These are available at this link (men's sizes only):