Customer Spotlight: "Gucci"

The Jordan 3s are my all time favorite Jordan model (followed by the 5s and 4s), which is probably evidenced from my last few customs seen here, most of which used the 3s as a base.  This particular one here was another Jordan 3 custom, this one an idea from a client.

The client sent me a pair of his Jordan flip 3s for customization.  The idea was to have the shoe done with a Gucci theme but still kept fairly simple.  Here's the original base shoe:

And here is the finished product:

What I did was white out all of the areas of the shoe where the elephant print are but kept the print visible.  Add the dark green and varsity red and you have the Gucci colorway!  This was a 1-of-1 design (meaning this shoe will not be duplicated) but am willing to do a variation of the theme on a different shoe.

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