"Test Anxiety"

What started out as a pair of basic all white Air Force 1s became another shoe to get the Ecentrik custom treatment!  I call this shoe "Test Anxiety" because it was inspired by a drum & bass song of the same name (The song is by DnB artist Optical & is a remix of the original version which was made by 90s alternative rock band Toenut).  This shoe was also intended to be a part of an unreleased project called 13, that was supposed to drop the beginning of 2013 (I did end up putting out a few pairs later, which can be seen here).

I wanted the design to be really funky and off-the-wall, which I think I accomplished here.  The shoe features a neon orange, black, apple green, and 2 different shades of yellow with some interesting patterns and other bits of craziness.

The "Test Anxiety" customs are available to order at the link below: