Air Force 1 "Cotton Candy"

When I originally set out to do this custom, I intended it to be an Air Force 1 rendition of the Miami Nights Lebron 8s:

(Lebron 8 "Miami Nights")

Now I had done a rendition of this shoe before sometime last year.  My rendition was done on a Jordan 1 shoe and only a few were made:

I knew back then I would want to do this theme one more time, this time I wanted to do an Air Force 1 version since it's my all time favorite shoe and I wondered what an Air Force 1 version would look like.  The creative process was much different this time around as I speckled the spot design on as opposed to dabbing it on by hand as I did before.  I also used a Magenta shade instead of straight red which gave it a different look.  While I liked the end result, the change in colors gave it its own original look, and after sharing photos on my Instagram page, a few people suggested that I instead call them "Cotton Candy".  I liked the idea and thought the name was more fitting so I went with it:

These are available in the online store at this link: