"Haze Grey"

People who've followed my work for a long time know I love working with bright colors.  However, one of my favorite colors that i've never worked with much and is a favorite of mine & not considered a bright color is grey (sidenote: I tend to prefer spelling it "grey" over "gray"....I know grey is the traditional spelling in the UK).  I wanted to do something that was clean, simple, and showcases a nice shade of grey with maybe a little subtle pattern design to it, which led to the Haze Grey custom.

The base shoe used for the custom was the Sport Blue Jordan 6 (the Infrareds would've been perfect as well):

(Pic courtesy of Jordan Brand)

And here's the finished result:

I felt like the Jordan 6 was the perfect shoe for this idea due to the shape of the silhouette.  I used 2 different grey shades and added a little bit of black in the midsole design.  Although the minor amounts of black in the midsole match up with the inner liner of the shoe, I wanted the grey to be the dominant color throughout the shoe.  The kicks also have light grey laces to match the light grey shade (more pics below).  Again, I wanted the grey to be dominant, which is why I went with grey laces instead of black, which would've also been a good match up.  These are available at the online store (see link below the next set of pics).

Jordan 6 "Haze Grey": http://www.ecentrik.bigcartel.com/product/jordan-6-haze-grey-custom